The Queensland Government held a suite of meetings and roundtables with community members across the state to help identify and address key priorities facing regional areas. Building on those conversations, the Regional Community Forums were created in 2019 to strengthen our partnership with regional Queensland and to give those living in our regions greater access to government and better opportunities to influence government decision-making. These consultations have created valuable conversations with local business owners, families and workers around making communities even better places to live and work.

This work is supported by the Office for Rural and Regional Queensland, with offices in Cairns, Townsville, Maryborough, Rockhampton, Mackay, Longreach and Toowoomba, ensuring we stay connected with local communities and ensuring that Queensland’s regions are front of mind in decision making.

Our clear focus on the regions ties in with our ongoing commitment to be a responsive government that delivers for all Queenslanders.

Regional Community Forums

Far North Queensland North and North West Queensland Mackay/Isaac/Whitsunday Western Queensland Central Queensland Wide Bay/Burnett/Fraser Coast Darling Downs South West Queensland South East Queensland

The Regional Community Forums (the Forums) bring locals, regional stakeholders and government representatives together each quarter to discuss local priorities and opportunities to strengthen regional economies and services, and consider what outcomes are most important to the community.

The resulting conversations from the Forums will help to create and support regionally focused programs delivered with the community in mind.

Discover what’s happening at the Forums in:

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The Far North Queensland Regional Community Forum representatives are:

  • Michael Healy MP (Chair)
  • Cynthia Lui MP (Chair)
  • Curtis Pitt MP (Chair)
  • Abigail Ralph
  • Alfred Joyce
  • Allan Dale
  • Anita Veivers
  • Benjamin Keast
  • Christopher Zilm
  • Elizabeth Carney
  • Ian Lydiard
  • Jodie Duignan-George
  • Lucy Graham
  • Margaret Yandell
  • Michelle Wollaston
  • Millicent Darby
  • Nikki Huddy
  • Ranjit Singh
  • Rhiannon Simcocks
  • Robert Davidson
  • Sarah Grainer
  • Tara Bennett
  • Trevor Meldrum

Forums have been held on:

The North and North West Queensland Regional Community Forum representatives are:

  • Scott Stewart MP (Chair)
  • Aaron Harper MP (Chair)
  • Anita Brooker
  • Brendon Marty
  • Bruce Cornish
  • Candi Dempster
  • Cathy Crawford
  • Dana Crowther
  • Deborah Crombie
  • Debra Burden
  • Helen Dixon
  • Jean Stone
  • Judah Morris
  • Kari Arbouin
  • Karl McKenzie
  • Kendall Santillan
  • Lynette Clout
  • Pete Fornasier
  • Sarah Wilkinson
  • Susan Wilson
  • Teresa Hudson
  • Warren Horne

Forums have been held on:

The Mackay/Isaac/Whitsunday Regional Community Forum representatives are:

  • Julieanne Gilbert MP (Chair)
  • Aaron Sellentin
  • Angela Styles
  • Blake Rutherford
  • Carl Walker
  • Carolyn Fritz
  • Clinton Begg
  • Deborah Rae
  • Dianne Barnett
  • Elizabeth Ware
  • Justin Giblett
  • Karin Barron
  • Katrina Dent
  • Kerri Takai
  • Kon Flaherty
  • Nicolette Ffrost
  • Palmina Rae
  • Raghunath Channapati
  • Rene Henry
  • Taleiyah Minniecon
  • Tas Webber

Forums have been held on:

The Western Queensland Regional Community Forum representatives are:

  • Jim Madden MP (Chair)
  • Alan Smith
  • Alina Rasmussen
  • Alison Shaw
  • Belinda Rowbotham
  • Brecken Curtis
  • David Kerrigan
  • David Arnold
  • Gillian Russell
  • Jocelyn Avery
  • Kirstie Davison
  • Kylie Dalzell
  • Liza Cameron
  • Margie Webb
  • Marilyn Simpson
  • Nicole Bond
  • Rose Leggett
  • Sharon Broughton
  • Simon Kuttner
  • Tony Martin
  • Vicki Jones

Forums have been held on:

The Central Queensland Regional Community Forum representatives are:

  • Brittany Lauga MP (Chair)
  • Barry O’Rourke MP (Chair)
  • Bruce Young
  • Carmel Marshall
  • Christine Herrald
  • Clare Stone
  • Deborah Muscat
  • Elizabeth Luckel
  • Eve-Lyn Rogers
  • Ewan Filmer
  • Grant Cassidy OAM
  • Jill Armstrong
  • Karen Butler
  • Laurie Johansen
  • Leisa Tibbetts
  • Lisa Lonsdale
  • Nyoka Fetoa’i
  • Owen Nevin
  • Robert Gibb
  • Shari Guinea
  • Tom Polley
  • Tracey Siddins

Forums have been held on:

The Wide Bay/Burnett/Fraser Coast Regional Community Forum representatives are:

  • Bruce Saunders MP (Chair)
  • Alicia Miles
  • Amy Pace
  • Bonny Clacy
  • Darryl Stewart
  • David Jeffs
  • Glen Miller
  • Heather Barber
  • Jason Scanes
  • Jennifer Regal
  • Jillian Wedmaier
  • Joanne Donnison
  • Karena Menzie-Ballantyne
  • Katherine Reid
  • Leon Nehow
  • Mark Spencer
  • Melissa Brooke
  • Nadia Campbell
  • Naomi Purcell
  • Shari Jackson
  • Angela Condon-Smith

Forums have been held on:

The Darling Downs South West Queensland Regional Community Forum representatives are:

  • Jennifer Howard MP (Chair)
  • Anne-Marie Cooke
  • Armando de la Flor Olavide
  • Ben Lyons
  • Cam Crisp
  • Dan McGaw
  • Dani Kinnear
  • Debbie Bailey
  • Garry Saunders
  • Gitie House
  • Heather Hall
  • Julia Telford
  • Julie Maraun
  • Kate Devereaux
  • Kate Venables
  • Kelly Buckingham
  • Mark O’Brien
  • Louise Judge
  • Robert Burns
  • Robyn Haig
  • Sandy Venn-Brown
  • Sharon Boyce

Forums have been held on: