Australotitan cooperensis
Largest Australian dinosaur

Australotitan cooperensis fossil

I was a type of sauropod dinosaur called a titanosaur, and part of a highly successful group that colonised all continents during the Cretaceous period and evolved into some of the all-time largest land-dwelling animals. Comparisons of my fossil bones with other Queensland dinosaurs, such as the Diamantinasaurus and the Savannasaurus, suggest we are closely related, possibly part of a group of titanosaurs that evolved in Australia. My bones are the largest of any dinosaur discovered so far in Australia.

How do you say my name?
OSS-trah-low-tyt-ann COO-per-EN-siss
How big was I?
I was 30 metres long, which is longer than 17 men lying head to toe.
When did I live and what did I eat?
I lived during the Cretaceous period, 92–96 million years ago, and I ate plants.
Where was I found?

Parts of my skeleton were  found by Sandy Mackenzie at Plevna Downs, near Eromanga.

About my name
I was named by Queensland Museum Senior Curator Scott Hocknull and colleagues. My name Australotitan cooperensis, means “southern giant from the Cooper”, referring to Cooper Creek in far western Queensland.
What makes me special?
I am the largest known Australian dinosaur, which makes me the largest animal to have walked on the Australian continent. My fossils have only been found in Queensland.
Where can you find information on me?

You can find me on display at the Eromanga Museum of Natural History.