Why we're searching for a fossil emblem

Queensland is home to many fossils of long-lost creatures that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.

In prehistoric times, Outback Queensland was alive with marine animals that swam in our ancient inland seas, and creatures that roamed our vast landscapes.

With so many fossils to choose from we need your help to select our new State fossil emblem!

The creation of a state fossil emblem

In 2020 community members from one of the state’s richest fossil regions made a petition to the Queensland Parliament for the nomination of a new State fossil emblem.

Queensland has a number of official emblems which are used to identify the state. Some of these emblems reflect Queensland’s unique natural environment. Recognising Queensland’s comprehensive fossil heritage, a robust selection process to identify a new State fossil emblem commenced in 2021.

Regional centres and museums across Queensland were invited to nominate candidates for consideration and a shortlist reflecting Queensland’s rich fossil record was chosen.

Queenslanders are now invited to have their say and nominate their favourite fossil.

The adoption of the State fossil emblem requires legislative amendment to the Emblems of Queensland Act 2005.

State emblems

An emblem is an official symbol that can help signify an extra dimension of meaning, and can often be a living thing, animal or person.

Before words and letters, we used symbols like drawings and pictures to communicate stories and narratives to each other in a non-verbal way. Certain drawings or pictures (symbols) were commonly used to depict meaning about specific things.

In today’s world, governments use emblems to demonstrate pride, patriotism and passion in the identity of a town, city, state or country, and emblems are an identity that unites people.

Emblems are used in an official capacity and may adorn flags, letterheads, badges, plaques, and websites, and require permission from the government to use them.

Current Queensland emblems

The Queensland Government currently has 9 official emblems:

  • Coat of Arms
  • State badge
  • State flag
  • Aquatic emblem
  • Fauna emblem
  • Bird emblem
  • Floral emblem
  • State gem, and
  • State colour.

Read more about our official emblems.

Queensland’s State fossil emblem nomination process

Making the State fossil emblem official involves a number of Parliamentary processes. To find out more visit What happens next.

Queensland’s State fossil emblem candidates

To view the illustrations, fossil photographs and read about the 12 Queensland State fossil emblem candidates visit Queensland’s State fossil emblem.

Travel Queensland and explore the fossils

The locations of Queensland’s remarkable fossil finds are waiting to be explored. Head to Queensland.com for inspiration, tips, and deals to help you plan your next holiday exploring the fossils from our ancient past.